Gongchangling Town

We’re committed to help you out.
Everyone is pre-approved for our Deferred Payment Plan (DPP).

Love city

You’re pre-approved without any fees, interest or credit checks (up to $10 initially). This way, if your account balance ever goes negative and you need a little help paying that balance, we have you covered.

Fotu Hongfu

We offer two types of Deferred Payment Plans to keep your power on
1. Pogo Promise DPP: available to everyone up to $10 (initially), or
2. Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) DPP: available if your account ever goes negative beyond $50 due to an extreme weather emergency or other surprises

Huaying Township

  • Same rules apply for either DPP plan you’ve signed up for
  • Pay down your DPP balance a little at a time each time you make a payment
  • While on a DPP plan, 80% of your future payments will be applied to your service account and only 20% will be applied to pay down your DPP
  • This allows you to keep your power on and take your time paying off your DPP


While we’ll do our best to keep your power on with a Deferred Payment Plan, please be aware of a couple of important facts – we’re not out to trick you, we’re here to help you out, but we need you to stay with us while you have a DPP

  • When you sign up for a DPP with us, we will put your account on a Switch Hold until your DPP is paid off
  • A “Switch Hold” means that you won’t be able to switch to a different energy provider while you still have a DPP balance with us

For all the details and fine print of our Deferred Payment Plan, please review our Terms of Service.